• Inhale. Exhale.
    Inhale. Exhale.
  • Yoga is not for the flexible, it is for the willing
    Yoga is not for the flexible, it is for the willing
  • Be a warrior. Not a worrier.
    Be a warrior. Not a worrier.

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Yogi life


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Still have a long way to go, but that’s the beauty of yoga, it’s not a race or a competition.  It’s about you, your practice and what achieve when you’re ready to achieve... READ MORE

The most exciting news!

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My vegetarian/vegan recipe for ‘little green goblins’ AKA falafels, is going to be featured as the ‘Recipe of the day’ next Monday on the meatfreemonday.com website, get it! Helping the world reduce its carbon foot... READ MORE

Gooey Good for you brownies

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   Gooey Good for you brownies Yep you read that right. Good for you! Why? Because they are fat FREE, and no, not because I have replaced fat with some chemical sh!t storm,... READ MORE

The best and easiest ciabatta

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The best and easiest ciabatta Recipe here! this is so easy to make it is untrue!   Recipe: 4 cups of plain flour 2 cups of warm water (this activates the yeast so... READ MORE

Are Sun Salutations part of your practice?

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The 12 poses of Sun Salutations offer an opportunity to enhance flexibility and strength while improving circulatory health. The set of postures has been described as the most complete exercise available, so if... READ MORE

Tasty ‘like heinz’ Tomato soup

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So I’ve come down with a rotten cold and my body is just craving nice, hot, nutritional soups.  My cravings called for tomoato soup, and I remembered seeing a recipe on Naturally Sassy... READ MORE

Little green goblins AKA Falafels!

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I called these Little green Goblins, because they are packed with super greens and goodness, and you will just gobble them up! Recipe: 1 roughly chopped onion 4 garlic cloves 1 can or 400grams of cooked... READ MORE