10 to Zen

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Ten to Zen

Here’s my top 10 out tips to create your perfect meditation space or just to chill out


Setting the scene
1. Cushions the bigger brighter the better, pick patterns and colours that make you happy.


2. Low lights, if you have a light dimmer then turn it low, if you don’t then use a lamp make it’s pointing away from your space, it’s really hard to get your zen on with a glaring light in your face.


3. Use candles, even instead of an electric light or lamp. The glow is really calming and just watching the flames can easily and quickly calm you.


4. Turn off all electronics, phones, iPads, TVs and computers. Yep, you heard me, turn that sh*t off! You cannot concentrate on you, when you are constantly expecting th e phone to ping, or your brain is buzzing from bright and flickering lights, this will only cause the beta waves to go nuts!



5. Burn some joss sticks IMG_0149no, you don’t have to be a hippy to burn these crazy things. You can get some amazing different smells, my favourite is sage. It’s also great for cleansing your space, check out smudge sticks too.


6. Essential oils? These babies are awesome, aromatherapy is really powerful so make sure you only use a few drops, either sprinkle on your clothes or meditation shawl (see below point 7) or Use and oil burner, again only a few drops in some water should do the trick. My favourite is lavender it is super calming.


Chill out tools
7. Breathe. The breath is the most powerful tool you have to calming down and staying calm, I work with the breath in every single class I teach. Once you have found your comfy spot and are settled, try this, breathe in through your nose for 4 counts, hold for 4 counts, and then exhale for 4 counts. Repeat 10 times.


8. Get yourself a shawl, cardigan or snugly jumper. Associate it with chilling out or meditation whatever you are looking to do. As mentioned above, add your own personal smell to it by using a few drops of essential oils to help you emanate chill time. I use lemon grass on my meditation shawl and every time I smell it I think of meditation.
9. Mala beads. IMG_0147These are a great tool in you are looking for a focused meditation practice. Especially if your mind tends to wonder to Tesco instead of to Tibet. The help regulate your breath and stay focused on your mantra. By draping the beads over your index finger and using the thumb to move each bead, slide one head for the in breath ad slide another for the out breath. Continue with the bead sliding with each breath until you reach the end.


10. Music. No not Metallica or Ed Sheehan. Try for something that doesn’t have lyrics, there’s some really good meditation music on YouTube and iTunes. Try a few different albums or songs find what suits you the best. I like Yiruma https://youtu.be/XsTjI75uEUQ


So there’s you have it, my top tips for chilling out and setting your meditation space, enjoy!


Namaste xx