Thursday nights at The BeeHive Studio

Yoga For Detox 6 week course with Nina

Thursdays, January 25-March 1, 19:45
Yoga for detox
Lets twist out all those festive goodies and get you all detoxed and cleansed for a healthier you in 2018

We will work on poses and breathing techniques that stimulate the endocrine, digestive and lymphatic system to help the body detoxify and eliminate, excess water and waste effectively and as gently as possible
£40 for the Six week course
Starting January 25th 2018- March 1st 2018
Bee Hive Studio
129-131 Belle Vue Road

T&C apply
Please bring a mat Fee: $40 (ID#: YD#31) —

Yoga for beginners 6 week course with Nina Fox

Thursdays, January 25-March 1, 18:30
A JooJoo Yoga beginners course is the ideal (but not the only) way to begin your practice and discover yoga in a safe and fun space. It is perfect for beginners and suitable for anyone looking to revisit the fundamentals of yoga.
The practice builds week-by-week, introducing you to the basics of yoga postures (asanas), sequencing,healthy alignment and breath techniques (pranayama). Instruction in meditation and relaxation techniques will also be given. You will receive personal attention from an experienced teacher and will work at a pace that ensures learning as well as improvement in posture, breath, tone, strength, flexibility and a greater ability to cope with stress. This course creates a strong and safe foundation from which you can confidently investigate the different styles of yoga in any open-level class. Please be sure to let your teacher know before class if you have any form of injury or serious illness, or if you are pregnant or have recently had a baby.
£40 for the Six week course
Starting January 25th 2018
Classes are 1 hour long Bee Hive Studio
129-131 Belle Vue Road
T&C apply Fee: $40 (ID#: 16032017) —


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