May 13th 2017

yoga day retreat August 15th 2015

Get your glow back in body, mind and heart, with holistic reflexology, mindfulness, re-energising yoga practices and more. Learn about your own energy system through the chakras and discover how to manage your energy.  Revitalising drops of yogic philosophy will develop your spiritual awareness, inner-strength and clarity.   Reconnect your heart and mind and enjoy the life flow that evolves from this beautiful practice.

A day of empowering practice of flowing yoga, pranayama, meditation, energy rebalancing and self-healing techniques will help you reconnect with what your heart needs. Embrace the holistic healing powers of reflexology and yoga to leave you glowing on the outside as well as radiating from within. This rejuvenating day includes, morning juices and enlightening nutritional lunch, and learn techniques on how to give yourself healing hand reflexology to ensure you keep your glow long after you’ve left the retreat.

Both Yoga and Reflexology are Holistic, working on integrating and restoring balance to the body, mind, and spirit. Yoga balances the body and mind by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing you to come out of stress mode and into a state of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Reflexology boosts the immune system and alleviates chronic body conditions, such as:

• Sinus /Allergies
• Migraines
• Thyroid issues
• Body Pain / Back Pain
• Anxiety / Depression
• Frequent Headaches
• Loss of Appetite
• Constipation
• Tiredness / Loss of Energy
• Tension / Stress
• Shoulder Pain
• Swelling of legs / Varicose veins
• Urinary Problems
• Insomnia
• Cervical Pain
• Menopause
• Numbness of hands and fingers
• Mental and Emotional Disorders

The day retreat will begin with you being guided through a gentle warm up stretch, breath work and a beautiful cleansing meditation. We will then go into a medium level, meditative, physical practise which will get energy flowing and bring you to a deep connection with yourself. Wewill end in Savasana (relaxation), to absorb the work that we have done.


Vegetarian/Vegan lunch provided along with a talk and a mini workshop on reflexology, its benefits and how you can use simple reflex techniques on your own hands to help restore balance back into your life.


The afternoon will then have a softer tone to it with meditation, pranayama, and seated and lying down stretches held for longer periods. This will be a deeply calming and relaxing session.

 10:30am Arrival

4:30pm latest finish

Address for this amazing day:
Morden Village hall
Ware ham
Bh20 7dl

£50 per person for the whole day, including lunch and refreshments and a complimentary eye pillow

Tickets available now

Price: £50.00