Happy Pancake Day. Here’s our recipe

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Pancake day is awesome, and what’s even better is healthy pancakes!

Loads of you have messaged me asking for the recipe for my banana pancakes. Well here is is.

1 small banana
1 egg
Splash of almond milk
Pinch of cinamon
Sprinkles of shredded coconut (optional)
3tablespoons of oats
Coconut oil for frying

To serve
Crushed hazelnuts

Whiz all the ingredients except the coconut oil, in the food processor up the mixture becomes runny.

Meanwhile heat the il in a frying pan.

Ladle the mixture into the frying pan (the above amounts make three pancakes) into three pancakes. Fry on a low heat for four minutes each side.

Serve on a warm plate with honey and hazelnuts, add some chopped banana and strawberries as well.