Home made Komboucha

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So heres a little recipe i’ve used to make my own powerfully probiotic drink.

What you need:


One large container that can hold around two litres of water

One scoby, I ordered mine from eBay

8 green or normal tea bags

2-3 fruit tea bag

3-4 table spoons sugar

2 litres of water



Boil the kettle of 2 litres of water (do in separate batches if little can’t hold two litres)

Put the tea bags and sugar into the container add the boiled two litres of water and leave to cool.

When water cold to the touch (not chilled or freezing) add scoby light side down, but don’t worry if you can’t tell which is which. whether the scoby floats or sinks doesn’t matter.

Place a muslin or cheese cloth over the top (i used an old tea towel). Place in a cool dry area, not in the fridge to ferment.



Leave for s minimum of 6-14 days.


After 6-14 days remove the cloth and place Kombucha mix into the fridge, leave some mix and the scoby in the container for your next batch. The mix may start to fizz, don’t worry this is all normal.


Drink and enjoy whenever you choose, the Kombucha will keep for at least 4 weeks.