Next Yoga course – Yoga for Runners

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Yoga for Runners 5 week course with Nina

Thursdays, April 25-May 23 2019, 19:45pm-20:45pm
Yoga for runners

Other than regularly pounding the pavement, yoga is one of the best things runners can do to improve. Here’s more on the benefits of yoga for runners


Yoga builds strength

Running alone requires repetition of the same, high-impact movements. Practicing yoga will offset the one-dimensional nature of running by increasing flexibility and strength in muscle groups that can stabilise the skeletal system. Yoga poses help support core, quad, hamstring, and hip-flexor muscles, which will make you a stronger runner.

Yoga can make you faster

Yogis learn how to control their breath and coordinate breathing with their movements. This training can prove useful if you’re trying to shorten your run time. As a runner’s breathing improves, so too will their speed. As well, deep twists have been shown to substantially increase lung capacity and cardiovascular health. Breath training can also help you breathe through and alleviate painful side stitches.
This course also focuses on hip and pelvic health, elongating muscles to support performance and release any tension in the lower body from long distance or marathon training.

Every Thursday evening for 5 weeks

5 week course

Back to Fitness Studio
129-131 Belle Vue Road
£35 per person
T&C apply
Please bring a mat Fee: £35


Price: £35.00