It can be difficult to quit smoking repeated attempts to kick it fail after a few days by giving in to the urge of having that one last drag. Though whatever may be the reason for people to start smoking, they have a problem quitting, mostly due to stress at work and in personal life. The chemical composition of a cigarette calms the mind and gives temporary relief from stress, thus giving smokers a reason to cling onto the addiction. Unfortunately cigarettes are designed to get you addicted, they are a cocktail of poisons that alter your body chemistry and how your mind responds.

However; the Good News is that you can beat the habit and change your life.

If you are looking for a permanent alternative to de-stressing yourself and keep away from smoking, then look no further. Yoga is the key to step out of the smoke and rid you of the addiction. A JooJoo Yoga course can help you learn ways to resist the urges of smoking, and learn to relax naturally.

Yoga allows the individual to work at their own pace and to discover that ‘being well’ means more than the attention to the body but also helps us discover that the mind has taken over your power of self-will. 

At JooJoo Yoga we use a mix of breathing techniques and postures to help relax your mind, de-stress and clear the lungs and throat from Tar.

This course is not just for smokers ex-smokers can also benefit a lot from theses techniques to help clear the lungs and bring the mind back to focus.

When the mind is relieved and the body relaxed, smoking can effectively be kept at bay. 

Once you make up your mind then the ground is ready for new thoughts, new actions and results that may even save your life!