Reflexology in the comfort of your own home.

Only £25.00 for a full treatment including consultation.

Area’s covered: Christchurch, Southbourne, Ferndown, Bournemouth 👣👣👣👣👣

Benefits of Reflexology?
• Sinus /Allergies
• Migraines
• Thyroid issues
• Body Pain / Back Pain
• Anxiety / Depression
• Frequent Headaches
• Loss of Appetite
• Constipation
• Tiredness / Loss of Energy
• Tension / Stress
• Shoulder Pain
• Swelling of legs / Varicose veins
• Urinary Problems
• Insomnia
• Cervical Pain
• Menopause
• Numbness of hands and fingers
• Mental and Emotional Disorders

As mentioned above, reflexology treatment aims to holistically restore balance to the body. This is done by applying pressure to certain points of the feet. Reflexologists don’t claim to prescribe, diagnose or cure. They aim to offer a tailored, alternate means of healing to address each individual’s specific needs.

Emotional and physical factors are taken into account if the reflexologist thinks they might be affecting a person’s well-being and health. They will pinpoint areas on the feet where they can use specific hand movements, thumb techniques and apply pressure to stimulate healing energy. This energy flows through the body’s energetic pathways to the targeted areas of the body.

Studies show that people generally report positive experiences following treatment. Many feel that reflexology promotes reduced levels of tension and anxiety. Some have even claimed an improvement in physical symptoms. However, this does tend to vary between individuals.