The Detox edition

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January is Detox month

So we have put together an with a few bits and pieces that might help you out on your way to amazing health.

Detox juice

My favourite detox juice at the moment is this little beauty. It has Ginger to settle the stomach, Cucumber to cleanse the lymphatic system, Spinach for iron and calcium and Pineapple for digestion, fighting coughs and energy!

3⁄4 cup fresh pineapple
3 cups baby spinach
1 tablespoon fresh ginger
1 medium cucumberAdd all the ingredients to your juicer and when you glass is full give the mixture a stir and Voila!


P.S If you want a smoothie instead make sure you peel the pineapple and ginger and add a base to the blender i.e Almond milk, spring water or even a green tea base. And whiz up for a good few minutes until the mix is smooth

Reflexology to aid Detoxing

Detoxing – the process of flushing out nasty toxins which have built up in the body, is not just about diet, and this is where Reflexology comes in.

Reflexology naturally encourages the body to flush out toxins by boosting blood circulation and lymphatic movement. The underlying principle of reflexology is that there are reflex points on the feet and the hands that correspond to every organ and function in the body. Reflexologists believe that by treating the feet you treat the whole person. Applying pressure to and massaging reflexology points can stimulate the appropriate organs to release stored toxins, such as the Kidneys and Liver our bodies main detoxification organs.

For more information, or to book and appointment including a full consultation, then please call or email on

07905 623257

Rhubarb complex

Natures weapon against weight gain, bloating and impurities in the body
Have you tried Rhubarb complex yet? I have and I swear by it. It has helped me with bloating, weight gain, constipation. These little beauties are 100% natural and gentle, they work sympathetically with the bodies own detoxification process and encourages natural elimination and also helps to kill parasites and even improves sleep quality.

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